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Had To

God’s purpose in Jesus was for you. This message looks at the mechanism of Grace the cross. Where free for us wasn’t free at all. Jesus cuts the distance to pull the barriers down and make a way for us to be restored through His sacrifice for us. He is the way, the truth and the life.

The Comfort Trap

Don’t make comfort your goal for this new year. Comfort is nice but it can also be a trap. There is a much better goal for your new year. The better goal is to step into the best life God has for you even if it means following Jesus when you are uncomfortable.

I Feel So Purposeless

Sometimes in life we feel like we are doing so much but it getting anywhere. We’re all searching for our purpose and have trouble answering the question “why?” It’s not found in what you have or don’t have. The answer to your purpose and meaning in life starts with your heart. It’s His purpose not your plans. He’s calling you to be more like Christ. Be faithful in the little things and serve Gods people. It will lead you into a life full of meaning and purposes.