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I Feel So Purposeless

Sometimes in life we feel like we are doing so much but it getting anywhere. We’re all searching for our purpose and have trouble answering the question “why?” It’s not found in what you have or don’t have. The answer to your purpose and meaning in life starts with your heart. It’s His purpose not your plans. He’s calling you to be more like Christ. Be faithful in the little things and serve Gods people. It will lead you into a life full of meaning and purposes.

The Right Gear, Part Two

The right gear for any adventure make the journey much safer, enjoyable and fun. Our life journey is no different, GOD has given us a list of “gear” needed to make our life journey much safer, enjoyable and fun as well.

The Right Gear, Part One

In part 1 of How to be Victors, we talked about the first three items needed for our journey through life and how “the right gear” makes our life adventure easier or less stressful. Here are the last three items found in Ephesians 6:14.