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Message Info: #Judgemuch, 7/4/2021- The next message in our #BLESSED series focuses on the clarification Jesus provides for us on judging others. The two main points and steps that we need to focus on are humility and accountability. Jesus tells us that we have a plank in our own eye, so we need to humble ourselves and deal with the sin in our lives. After this, we can then help our fellow believers in removing the speck from their eyes, and this is through loving accountability.


The next message in our #BLESSED series focuses on the commands that Jesus gave us to be salt and light in our world. We may not realize this, but ANYONE can make an impact; we all have purpose. We need to live in our uniqueness and be an enhancement. We cannot keep our faith to ourselves, but we need to be a light exposing the darkness in the world. Most importantly, we are to do these things so that we can lead others to God and ultimately glorify Him through it all. You can make an IMPACT!