We are better together in groups.


We believe life change happens best within the context of intentional relationships. If you want to grow in your relationships with Jesus, we encourage you to join a group at Grace Free Church. Jesus told us to make disciples of others.  A simple definition of the word disciple is a Christ follower.  The call for us as individuals (and as a church) is to follow Christ and help others follow Christ.  This kind of growth in our relationship with God happens best in the context of relationships.  In our crazy, busy world the best way for us to offer the context of relationships is through small groups.  Listen, Sunday morning worship is awesome.  It is great to come together in a large group and worship and listen to a meaningful message.  But, to really take a next step we need a space where we can have conversation, ask questions and get connected and cared for.  Groups are an awesome way to do that. 


5 Types Of Small Groups.


We offer 5 kinds of groups at Grace Free Church

All of these groups are designed to give you the life Jesus desires for you.

  1. Life GroupsA Place to Get Connected, Cared for, and Known.

  2. Know GroupsA place to deepen your understanding of God and the Bible.

  3. Equip Groups – “How to” help others.

  4. Care GroupsIntentional support to help you through life.

  5. Go Groups Living out our faith and making a difference in our county, our state, & our world.

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Life Groups.


Get Connected, Cared For And Know.

Life Groups are our primary groups and the backbone of our strategy to help you grow in following Jesus through the context of relationships.  Life Groups are where our members and visitors get connected, cared for, and known. Life Groups meet together a couple times a month for about an hour and a half, meet in homes around the community, usually stay together about a year, and use Bible-Storying to help people grow spiritually.

If you have never been to a group, sign up for a Life Group.  

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