Join us Sunday at 8:30 or 10:30

Kid's programming and nursery available at all of our services.


YOU ARE LOVED HERE;  It is our culture, it is in our DNA, it is just who we are.  We consider ourselves a “come as you are church,” so wear what makes you comfortable.   So often churches are known for what they are against...we want to be known for what we are for!  We are for you, we are for your unchurched friends, we are for Schuylkill County!    Feel free to check us out and determine whether we might be a good match for you (and your family). 


We know that sometimes just getting to the door is a lot of work.  If you've made it this far, why not take a risk and walk through the doors.  We would love to meet you.  If you’d just like to check out a Sunday morning worship service, walk in the main entrance and turn right. If you’ have any questions our greeters or parking lot attendants will be glad to help in anyway they can.  Grab a coffee!  We want you to enjoy your experience with us.


Our kids are very important to us and we are a kid friendly church.  Feel free to have your kids stay with you the entire service.  But know that we have amazing Kid's programing during all of our Sunday morning services.  You can check your kid's into our kid's ministry in the Kid's Zone up stairs when you arrive at church.  Don't worry our amazing kid's staff will be available to help you every step of the way.    The Nursery is open and available to you during all of our services.   Your children can be picked up by the parent who checked them in after the service is over.  


After a few opening songs our Lead Pastor, Josh Ott, will deliver a talk that is meant to inspire and encourage you.  We strive to teach messages from the Bible that have real life meaning and application and that do not put you to sleep.  God’s Word is very important to us, so our messages use and are consistent with the truth found in Scripture. We stay Christ centered and honest no matter what passages we are teaching.  As one young man recently said, "This stuff makes sense for my actual life."  We want our talks to be engaging and encouraging.  You can check out a talk on our sermon page or download one from the Joshua Ott podcast on iTunes.


Our service starts with singing.  We believe that music is an important tool that helps us ascribe worth to God. It also prepares us to listen to Him as we study the Word.  Feel free to sing and/or not sing.   We think you will find the music at our church to be meaningful, inspiring and relatable.    


Individual giving is a form of worship; it should be done joyously, freely, generously and without internal or external compulsion.   If you are a visitor at Grace Free Church don't feel like you need to give.  A collection plate is passed during our services; please feel free to pass the plate by.  We are just glad you are here.  


We believe that God loves us and accepts us right where we are.  We don’t have to pretend to be spiritual or good for God.  We also believe that he wants us to experience what it really means to live, because He is life.  A journey with God leads to amazing and wonderful things, but it is a journey that is best travelled at your pace.  We believe that the really good change that happens in our lives is the change that God does. Our job is not to change you.  Our job, as a church, is to simply provide a safe place, full of love and grace where you can come to meet with God.  Our job is to provide healthy soil that will help you grow only when you are ready.